Management Teams

Professionalism belongs in every business level, from the Chairman of the Board to the operator of the manufacturing equipment. The job itself is not important; it’s how you do it that counts. There is only one way to take pride in what you do, and that is to do the best job you possibly can. To achieve that, you have to sort out your priority. By doing so, you will be able to improve your skill for the sake of Fahrenheit’s growth.

Dr. Januar Widodo Finasm, SpPD, KGH

Board of Medical Directors

Dr. Antono Tan, FACCm FSCAI, FAMS

Board of Medical Directors

Peter Sutandar

Managing Director -

Adi Suherman


Fung Mie

EDP, Document Center & Compliance Manager

Nofa S

Acting Business Unit Head OTC

Thomas C. K.

General Sales Manager OGB-Trading & Contraception


Sales Director Ethical

Gunawan Kusuma

Deputy Sales Director Ethical


Finance & Accounting Director


Head of Marketing

Sonny Langi

Manufacturing Director

Dewi Sri Kurniati

HRD & GA Manager