Our Goals


To become a leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia that focus on specialty pharmaceutical products.


We consistently provide improvements in product quality and cost reduction through continuous innovation and collaboration to serve customers with products of the highest quality in order to gain their respect and loyalty.


To create products that fulfill safety, efficacy, and quality requirements in accordance to the guidelines set by the international health authorities.

Company values

Bahasa Indonesia (original):
  • S-DM yang handal (Human resources that are capable and dedicated)
  • E-fektif dan Efisien (Effective and efficient)
  • H-ubungan kerja yang harmonis (A harmonic work environment)
  • A-ktif dan kreatif (Active and creative)
  • T-erintegrasi (integrated)

  • H-uman resources that are capable and dedicated
  • E- ffecctive and efficient
  • A-n amicable and harmonious work environment
  • L- earning through experience for the betterment of the company
  • T-horough and detailed
  • H-igh quality