Fahrenheit Future

Professionalism belongs to every business level, from the Chairman of the Board to the operators and medical representatives. The job itself is not important, it’s how you do it that counts. There is only one way to take pride in what you do, and that is to do the best you possibly can.

Fahrenheit plans on strengthening its Research and Development sector to expedite the launches of new innovative specialty products. New plans are currently underway to invest in a larger and more advanced Research and Development Laboratory. In line with the company’s objectives, we plan to further increase our growth through collaboration with overseas market players. As such, we are seeking potential partners to establish a wider distribution network.

Last but not least, Fahrenheit follows the PIC Registration Series, which granting our company recognition and prestige as it is proof that the quality of our products are recognized globally.

With its excellent position and reputation in the health care market and a growing presence in the South East Asia region, Fahrenheit is looking forward to making new investments, expanding its technology, product line and international reach. Fahrenheit’s endeavors to manufacture the highest quality products, combined with intensified research for better medication and a spreading of its wings both at home and abroad, will most certainly add to the development as a company rising to new heights of quality and success.